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   Directional Boring Capabilities

There are many different types of Boring and Drilling applications and the technology today just keeps getting better and better. There is horizontal directional boring that uses radio frequency to guide a drill under and around obstacles like buildings, railroad tracks, roads, highways, rivers and streams. Even in densely populated urban cities, utilities can be run accurately with directional boring without having the close roads, shut down intersections or closing businesses..



   Auger Boring Capabilities

Auger boring has both horizontal and vertical applications. Horizontal Auger Boring is used for large diameter applications and to run utilities under roads, railroad tracks and other obstacles by means of a large diameter auger drill bit with an encasement to keep the integrity of the channel being drilled. As the auger drill advances and bores out the dirt, clay, or soil substrate returning it to the entry pit, a casing is simultaneously fed in to the void.


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