Municipal Directional Boring


Directional Boring Run municipal utilities, sewer, drain, water, electrical and gas lines under roads, highways, and rivers without disturbing them.


  Video - No Disruption To Roads or Highways




   Directional Boring Benefits Include

 Reduces Construction Time

 Saves Expensive Landscapes

 Save Historical Structures

 No Unsightly Excavation

 Reduces Impact on Area Residents

 Reduces Impact on Area Businesses

 Eliminates Ground Settling

 Minimal Disruption To Roads, Rails


Underground Boring Contractors for Municipality projects ranging from electrical, gas, water, drainage, sewage and any and all types of utilities. The technology used today for underground boring has advanced quickly over the last several years, making municipal drilling and boring faster, more environmentally friendly and must more cost efficient. Running Municipal utilities under roads, bridges, railroads and more with minimal distrubance to area infrastructure and landlscpaes.

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